He dreams of being a knight, he wants to play the hero.


Often times you can look back and pinpoint where things changed, where it all went wrong. Girrard has always strived to be a good man. He sought gold for his failing farm and poor sister, putting himself in great danger to help others. He lead the Knights Errant, on many near suicidal missions, all in service of his Lord, Sir Troculus. He was revered amongst his friends, and feared by those he faced, his skills honed and practiced to peak levels. Yet all this could not stop the splintering of his Knights Errant, or the betrayal laid upon his lord.

Good is so subjective. What is worth more, friendship, blood, an oath to a lord, or service to ones deity? Girrard always tried to do what was right, but not always is the way so clear.

He was a pacifist, changed by the cruelty of life.
Physically average, at best, but with a mind capable of incredible skill and feats of tactical precision.
His word is his bond, forged of metal no man can break.
He travels with Sir Troculus, his liege lord.
His current whereabouts are unknown.


The misadventures of the (formerly) Knights Errant ellion_is_dead