The sweet farm girl


Girrard’s sister, and only surviving relative, the two lived a quite life on their Salireta farmstead raising their few animals and tending to their ponips. It all changed when a charming nobleman came into town, and Irana saw her brother begin to tread what she feared would be a very dark path, in the pursuit of a better life for the both of them. She traveled for a short time with her brother through Kalamar, relishing the chance to see more of the world, and experience life. Things hardly stayed so upbeat. The ship she was traveling on was attacked by a vicious sea serpent, she was marooned and nearly died of dehydration, she was stuck in a dangerous foreign land, with pirates and monsters everywhere she turned. Yet through it all she had her beloved brother, and dear friends. She knew she could endure anything as long as she had her brother by her side.

It was after she was informed her brother had left with Troculus, most likely forever, that Irana decided she was done being a passive follower. She used the “pity” money she was left by her mentor, Rags, to purchase a few meager supplies and a sword sharp enough to keep her safe. For a while she traveled and served as a sidekick to Rags, where she learned what it took to survive in the world. Again, she thought she could rely on her new friend to see her through whatever life could throw at her. After she watched a bear bite the head off of her mentor, something inside her changed.

Turns out those years on the farm conditioned her well for the trials of the road, and her life tempered in tragedies and hardships forged her into a dangerous adversary.

She’s slightly “off”.
She’s got her eyes fixed on her goal.
She’s pretty messed up at this point.
She has no qualms with doing whatever is necessary to see her brother again.
She seems dangerously close to the edge of a precipices, and there’s no telling what she’ll do if she goes over, or if she’ll ever be the same again.


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