Ruric Ironsunder

May he rest in peace


Typically people use a patriarchal take on family descriptions and personal identifiers. Dwarves, being industrious by nature, use the parent who’s profession they chose to take as an identifier, that is to say use of the mothers name as an identifier is not uncommon. Dwarves tend to lean towards the profession of their parents but sometimes branch out to other family members professions when Available and willing.

Ruric Ironsunder, son of Fuik, named after his great uncle Ruric Stonehelm, son of Ganila, was born in to a life of servitude, as were his parents and their parents, in the once great Dwarven citadel Karasta. Karasta was invaded by a Kalamaran army consisting of humans, hobgoblins, and giants, and once the war was won instead of running the Dwarves out the Kalamarans annexed the citadel and forced the Dwarves to work the mines and forges, those who cannot meet the demands of Kalamaran government or prove too head strong are released from service and forced to leave Karasta.

Ruric Ironsunder, son of Fuik Stonesunder and Edda Ironhead. chose to follow in his father Fuiks Profession in the mining caste. Two of his sisters, Nedel and Class, followed their mother Edda in the smithing caste making jewelry, while the oldest sister Elta Learned the warrior trade from her aunt Inak Stonehelm. Inak also taught Ruric in secret the famous duel axes technique perfected by the Stonehelms and passed down through generations . All of Karastas most famous warriors trace their lineage back to the Stonehelms, and have been part of every uprising and military coup since the occupation. As such the kalamaran occupation does not look kindly on them, though Elta openly works with the Stonehelms, Ruric was taught in secret, lest he draw the attention of their Kalamaran overseers.

Ruric Stonehelm, though officially called by the Kalamarans, the leader of the last uprising was only a warrior and the leaders went to ground when the uprising failed. though slain shortly after Ruric Stonehelm gained notoriety when he single-handed, killed a giant during the Black stone uprising, ingeniously called, because the coup leaders were operating out of the Black stone forge. only forty forges, small by Dwarven standards, Black stone was one of the oldest forges still in operation, run of course by the Stonehelms. also incidentally where Rurick Ironsunders sisters Nedel and Class worked making jewelry. though the uprising happened over forty years ago the forge and those in its employ were watched unscrupulously for thirty years, until the Black stone uprising became known as the Black stone tragedy. almost ten years ago there occurred an “accident” a “failing of the fuel and Exhaust chutes due to improper maintenance and shoddy repair work”. The forge was utterly destroyed by an explosion that killed 63 Dwarves, Rurics sisters included. although Classified as an accident, many believe the Kalamarans attempted to quell another uprising.

Ruric left Karasta on his sister Elta’s wishes, the Stonehelms will not be able to move against the occupation for many years. with the mission of finding aid to help liberate Karasta outside of Kalamar. because he was not on the Overseers Black list he could leave the citadel without too much trouble with the promise of returning only in the effort of the next coup which will be called the Karasta reclamation.

Ruric Ironsunder

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