Sir Vrindon Troculus

A noble man of upstanding character.


Hailing from a proud line of Brandobian nobles, his upbringing was one of stringent learning and exceedingly demanding physical training, coupled with the resources and support only afforded to the most wealthy of families.

Seriously, does anyone even know anything else?

He originally traveled with two stalwart knights, but both have since been lost to the cruel fates. He was the original sponsor for the knights errant, funding their actions as they traveled across multiple continents to pursue a rather nebulas and enigmatic goal. He is known to be a peerless warrior, with supernatural sword-fighting abilities.

His current goal has something to do with the Spear of Ages, maybe.
His current bodyguard is the brave Girrard.
According to a near pathological liar, he might have some connection to Fayeth, maybe.
His current whereabouts are unknown.

Sir Vrindon Troculus

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