The misadventures of the (formerly) Knights Errant

A Halfway Castle

The party traveled halfway through the swamps towards Southern Brandobia, stopped at a castle to resupply and spend some time training, found some new folks to hang around with, Fayeth met with a cousin of hers, the party accepted a job for a odd tattooed fellow, murdefficated a bunch of bandits, went hard psycho on some poor fools, and looted a shit ton. Oh, also talking mummies stole the loot. 

Looking for Trouble
And damn well finding it

The party escaped Dowond Brondel, by walking through the front gates. After a short jaunt through the muck they reached the farmers they had saved, mostly to impose upon their hospitality once more. The party plotted to flee the country, to crash on a gnomish couch, some people got bored…yadda yadda Rurick and Kagi got eaten by crocodiles.

Giant asshole lizards need to eat too you know.

To swamps and out again.
The views of Tishra

Riding on the dwarf's back, this is actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I'm really greatful he can heft a fair share of pounds. But I'm not too heavy I hope… I should try to alive some of the stress on his hearty shoulders. I know I'll Try to alleviate the burden by rubbing them!  Half a day carrying anyone has to be burdensome. I am lucky to be traveling with such capable individuals.  

This farming family says there is a bounty on is for murdering the oppressors. I wonder if more people in the area fear that or see it as a symbol of hope. Rorick was showing off his magical mead cup and we all drank from it. I don't know if he properly poured mine but it tasted a bit of swamp but mostly honey. 

I have used my blessings this morning to mend our gnome friend, and fix my leg, it should be good to go soon. With help from Faeith we opened the lockbox from the slaver blacksmith. It didn't have much in it but we split the coin between our selves I'll be buying medical supplies and potions with it.

Faerrith sang me some songs while I was mending my wounds the party seemed to be talking about something, trying to figure out plans or what not.  I didn't pay much attention, I was so focused on my leg and giving language lessons to Faerrith. He wants to learn Brandobian. He seems to have a knack for picking up language.  After several hours of it I turned in after checking the gnomes wounds and patching her up.


Dastard lives up to being an utter bastard but he is good at felling foes.


Upon waking in the morning I healed up the party with my blessings from the great tree. In my morning rounds I didn't see Kagi or Rorick. I asked where they had gone.  Amontillado looked grim, he and Faeith spoke in High Elven again, I was tempted to use the grandma stick again, but I held back. They said we would be traveling with out them. Why aren't we looking for them… I'd go my self, but I can't go out there on my own, it would surely wrought disaster. Just a single person out there on their own? I mean I never travel alone ever never, it's a cursed number it is I swear it to the heavens.  But we should look for them…


the gnome talked to animals. She said we could possibly find our friends in the bog, they went north. We waited for the toad to bring news. But no luck… We decided go to a gnomic town in southern brandobia to lay low and help elves maybe it would be good. But I still think we must save our friends if they are out there or atleast find out what happened. 


What ever happened, I will always be thankful for you Rorick. You are a good friend, if any ill fate has befallen you I shall honor your memory with a carving in your likeness and keep it with me always. I would like to retrieve your tankard and bring it to your family, in your honor.



Who even needs a boat
(No really)

The players decided to faff about in town for a bit, split up, had no real plan, attacked a ship, robbed an honest trader, yada yada, 23 dead slaves and a bunch of eldritch abominations. Pretty typical.


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