Tishra Reilha

The caring and quick tempered healer


Tishra started her life on the sea her father a Deji trader, Hashra and follower of The Great Tree, her mother a cruel but beautiful Brandobian merchant Mistress Beatra who wanted to make a name for her self by organizing trade with other merchants in a small trades guild. Tishra was born first out of all six of siblings. She was shunned by her mother as a mark of her failings as a Brandobian. A night of passion lead to her accidental pregnancy, which in turn lead to her fathers death a few years later. Tishra was raised to be Brandobian for a few years and taught language and lore as well as some merchantile skill. With a natural knack for language and a slight lack in social grace she trudged on through school with an angery mother pushing her to be better and better.

When it was clear that Brandobian life wasn’t for Tish she lamented to her mother to see where her father came from. This displeased her nither greatly, she struck Tishra, in front of her only living sibling, her brother Reinford. Beatra cast her daughter out with only the clothes on her back and a small box that belonged to her father. In it and acorn broach. She set out to find Ghe Great Tree.

After following a nomadic group of traders she eventually made it to the Desert where she was inducted into the order. She was raised to survive in the harsh desert and learned how to hunt and became anointed with the teaching and blessings of the great tree. Her training honed her ability to use a spear, mend a wound and Devine arts. Being raised without a family she became superstitious things that stood out in their own, she became somewhat clingy to those around her she cared about, and when it came to drinking she would become a whole new person bent on taking out her aggressions.

She has been known for her beauty and ferocity being named a fierce Deji warrior, and as beautiful as a oasis in a desert.

She met the former Knights Errant in a small desert town, she was recruited after she mended some of the wounded knights after a fight with harpies as the boast about their victory over the winged furies. Never really feeling like she belonged with anyone but those who followed the Tree she felt drawn to the sense of adventure the group represented, but something was wrong. There was trouble in the group, and she quickly learned that their leader was not what he seemed. He may have been a noble knight, but he was undoubtably cruel and harsh. Something about this man reminded Tishra of her mother and it just wouldn’t do.

Tishra Reilha

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